Thursday, June 4, 2009

Allah! Allah! Allah! In everywhere we look.

Dear friends.

Seated on an anonymous bus stop with my darling Aaron F., throwing around phrases like "existential crisis," "genital mutilation," and "shoegazer rock," i found myself overwhelmed by a sensation that has blessed me during these last few months: an deep and abiding love for my friends, both near and far.

Sentimental as it may seem, i hope that i can communicate the immeasurable love i have experienced and renewed in those around me. May the God of Creation remind me every day that His triune love is most evident in the vulnerability in which we so rarely allow ourselves to indulge.

Please sleep well, knowing that i am thinking of you and missing you all terribly. Give me your home address if i don't already have it, as i would love to elaborate on these affections in written form.

Also, Vonnegut readers should share some tips for appreciating Slaughter-House-Five, which i opened this afternoon.

Much, much, love. 
Amen and Amen.